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CV Reviews

Creating a well written CV can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. The guidelines and tips below will help you craft your own template CV which you can then adapt to the various roles you apply to.

The main purpose of your CV is to get you an interview. However, covering your skills and experience to date in two sides of A4 can seem like an insurmountable take! Not only do you have to use your CV to advertise your skills and experience, but you must also use it to illustrate how well you fit the job you are applying for. Add to the mix the fact that CVs are often scanned initially by an applicant tracking system and so may never reach the hands of a recruiter (and if they do it may only be for the 30 seconds it takes to scan the first half a page) and suddenly it feels like you don't know where to start.


There is no single right way to write a CV, but in the UK there are a few standards that are normally followed:


  1. Your CV should be two sides of A4 in a consistent easy to read font (e.g. size 11 Arial).
  2. It should contain your contact information.
  3. Your Highlights your USP and key skills (e.g. in a Personal Profile/Executive Summary).
  4. Summarises your work experience, education and qualifications.
  5. Targeted to each role you apply for through use of language and content.

Here are my top 10 checks for your CV - how does your match up?

Top 10 Checks for Your CV

1. Keep to two sides of A4.
2. Is it neat, tidy and well laid out with no spelling errors?
3. Are the names, dates and contact details correct?
4. Will the first half page immediately gain the readers interest?

5. Does your employment history description, or interests and hobbies, do you justice in a positive and concise way?

6. Does it include all your vital selling points/USPs?

7. Are your achievements in the STAR (Situation - Task - Action - Result) format?

8. Have you included key points that can be opened up for discussion at interview?

9. Is there any jargon that a reader might not understand?

10. Does it tell a prospective employer that I am worth interviewing for the position?

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