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Frances Cushway
Career Coach

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Personal brand

You have been 'a brand' all your life whether you have been aware of it or not. How people feel about you, what you stand for, what you are known for are all part of your brand. And if you aren't controlling your brand, it's controlling you. This can be as simple as a CV or references from a past employer to what is available on the internet. What is your reputation in your area of expertise? What do your friends and colleagues say about what you do and how you work when you aren't around.

 The first question to ask yourself is what do you want to be known for? What makes you you? What are your skills, strengths, experiences, values, motvations and goals? How are these packaged together to make you unique? What would you like people to remember about you when your name comes up in conversation? And what kind of work or jobs would you like to be contacted about?

How can my personal brand help me?

Whether you are looking for a new job or hoping for a promotion at work, a strong personal brand can help you get short listed as recruiters (or your boss) are more likely to have you on their radar. By marketing yourself through your CV, Social Media, making connections with other people and eventually in your interview, you are likely to reduce the time it takes to find a new job or get where you want to be.

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How does personal brand help my team and organisation?

It can be hard to stand out above all of the noise on the internet today. This can impact the work you are sought out for and whether you can reach potential clients. Helping your team to develop a strong personal brands helps develop the brand of your organisation. By employing thought leaders in your field, you organisation is more likely to be seen as a leader in your field.


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