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"What you have done for me is remarkabe. Words cannot describe how much all your guidance and support has impacted me. Thank you! I couldn't have done it without you! I know there is still a lot ahead of me, but I feel ready to tackle it! You've given me hope and confidence. You are truly amazing!"

Arlene, Senior Risk Risk Advisory Professional, Surrey

"After interviewing 5 different career coaches I chose Frances based on the clear and tailored proposal she put together.

My objectives were to help with the strategic side of my career (skills, long term aspirations, motivations, opportunities) and the operational side (cv, profiles and networking).

Frances delivered sessions and supporting exercises which guided me through really thinking about the objectives. I am now very confident in talking about my competencies and I have an excellent set of tools to optimise my career search.

Throughout the sessions I also gained a much better understanding of what motivates and excites me leading to a much clearer idea on career choice. Plus when you're in a difficult situation it was great to offload some of my worries. Frances proved a very sympathetic ear and great sounding board.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Frances for her highly effective career coaching skills."

Marketing Director, Guildford

"I came to Frances looking for a career change but had no idea where to start. Frances was methodical and thorough with her approach to discovering my future career path. All sessions were enjoyable and provided me with something to work on for the next. I now have a much clearer idea as to what I want to do. Most importantly I have the confidence to go out and get it!"

Lawyer, Guildford

“Having gone through some unexpected personal events I found myself confused about what I should be doing with my career. I felt lost and out of touch with where I wanted to be, so began researching online. After considering several coaches and based on an initial consultation, I was sure that I had made the correct decision to invest my time and energy with Frances. I entered the first module with very little expectation outside of someone to help me identify my goals and remind me what I wanted from a role. During the sessions Frances was thought provoking, patient and highly consultative. I knew before each session what to expect and what work was required to complete to get the most out of our time together.

One month removed from completing my module with Frances I am enjoying my role with renewed vigour and focus, achieving the results required to put me in front of my peers. I now have my own plan which will get me where I want to be, and this has been placed at the core of my business plan moving forward. I can not recommend Frances enough and I am sure to stay in contact moving forward."


"Thank you for supporting me on my journey, I want to share that I was finally promoted within my company this week to a Regional Manager, the role I had been after for years. It was you that helped me remember exactly what it was I wanted in life and how I could achieve it, saving me from rushing a poor decision to leave."

Tom, Regional Manager, Guildford

“When I contacted Frances, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, but I knew I didn’t want to continue doing the work I’ve been doing for the past 20 years. She stood out among other coaches because she sets the structure of the sessions in advance, so you know what to expect. But that didn’t stop me from surprising myself with what came out of the exercises (and I thought I knew myself fairly well) and what line of work I have decided to pursue. She’s a fantastic motivational coach with a great sense of humour and I couldn’t have got to this point without her. I look forward to a session or two more in due course to help navigate starting a new job in a new industry. Thank you, Frances!”


"I’m a better writer than speaker and after a disastrous interview early this year, I knew I needed some coaching and some serious prep. I had lots of research and information on the job and the organisation but I’d overwhelmed myself. I booked the interview module and a mock interview with Frances and I’m so glad I did. She talked through how to stay calm and deal with tough questions. The mock interview highlighted areas I needed to focus on and further prepare for. After my session with Frances, I found a clear way forward utilising the research I had and setting out what more I needed to do. I went into the interview with confidence and prepared notes and it made all the difference. I have found her help invaluable."

Mary, Editor, London

"Frances is fantastic! From the moment we met I saw a glimmer of hope where there was none before, which grew and grew with each session. She helped me look at my achievements and skill set (and I mean really look), which in itself was a revelation. She supported me, encouraged me and championed me! Frances took me on an amazing journey of discovery and I am beyond excited to start my new career just a few short months later! I would highly recommend Frances!"

A huge thank you!

Clare, School Administrative Officer, Hampshire

I contacted Frances as I was struggling to find direction in my career after trying a number of different paths. From the first meeting I found Frances very positive, engaging and easy to work with while challenging me to think differently and really dig down into what is important for me in my career. Her guidance has given me focus and encouraged me to push myself, be more proactive and think outside the box. The work I have done with Frances allowed me to see that there is a variety of different careers that would suit me and my core values and objectives in life.

Chris, Surrey

"I came to Frances looking for some guidance after stepping away from corporate life when my son was born. I had done some consultancy work when he was born and then decided to retrain in Nutrition, but was starting to wonder if my new career wasn’t for me! I was torturing myself going round in circles, with lots of different career ideas and concerns about the impact on family life so thought I would seek the advice of a professional! I was also feeling very ‘out of touch’ and somewhat overwhelmed having been out of the workplace for around 6 years.

Frances has an incredibly supportive, kind and practical approach. Coaching helped give me clarity on what was important to me from my next role (and work/life blend). I found the mock interview sessions invaluable (I can’t emphasise this enough), both from a practical standpoint and confidence standpoint. Thank-you Frances!

I am about to embark on a new role in a company I am genuinely excited about. I feel I have got off to a great start with Frances help and am sure will be coming back for more coaching pretty soon."

Karen, Sales Manager, London

"After leaving my finance job based in London, I needed to work out what I wanted to do next. Frances supported me in identifying what was important to me through powerful and interesting exercises that helped to match my skills to my interests. This all allowed me to regain confidence in myself and focus my career search.

Frances has an extensive network and excellent knowledge of the key tools for finding a new job and career. In particular, she is adept at creating a personal brand that is key to a successful job search. She is very personable and easy to talk to and I would highly recommend working with her."

Neil, Guildford

"I undertook some career coaching with Frances over the course of three months. I found our sessions and the work that I was asked to complete in between these to be really helpful and I valued the opportunity to reflect and think about my own career. Some of the areas that we covered included exploring my skills, what motivates me, what I value in my work and thoughts on next steps, including whether this might involve a change of organisation or sector. I enjoyed the process and found Frances’ approach to be open, encouraging and reassuring. She also kept me on track with the preparation work that was required to ensure we got the most from our conversations. Thank you Frances!"

Louise, Recruitment Lead, Surrey

"I was offered the opportunity to have career and confidence coaching by my senior management team. I had lost confidence in my own abilities for a number of reasons and my senior manager felt that career coaching would help me in realising my own potential.

Frances really helped me to identify the areas that I was more confident in but also the areas that I was competent in but maybe didn’t feel as confident in. The title or description of a project or piece of work would sometimes sound quite daunting to me, to the point where I doubted my abilities to be able to successfully achieve or complete it. Frances helped me to ‘break down’ a task or project into smaller deliverables and helped me to realise that the title of a project could be broken down to identify different areas of activity and skills necessary in those areas of activity. Frances helped me to look past the title of a project or task and accept that before doubting myself I should break it down to identify the skills that I do possess and where I may need to undertake research or gain access to further skills or knowledge.

The coaching has really helped to open my eyes to my own potential. It has helped me to acknowledge that I should not be intimidated or daunted by what I might perceive as something that I am not capable of purely because of its description. I am now able to look at pieces of work more objectively and break them into more manageable pieces of work.

As a result of Frances’ coaching, I felt able to take on a large estates change project at work which at initial view appeared daunting but, upon taking Frances’ advice, I looked past its description and realised it was something I could do. I have since received very positive feedback from my senior manager and received a personalised card from a senior stakeholder thanking me for my excellent input in assisting them in making some key decisions."

Thank you Frances!

Sarah, CIPD HR Consultant, Guildford

"After graduating from University I contacted Frances as I needed guidance as to what career path to take and also to gain help with the practical side (CV, applications, interview technique etc) of securing a place on a graduate scheme.

Frances is clearly passionate about helping people, and introduced me to highly useful exercises and tests to help figure out what career I wanted to pursue, and to focus my job applications onto roles I was passionate and excited about. She was also able to introduce me to some contacts of hers who were willing to talk to me about my career choice of Marketing.

I worked with Frances over a 3 month period, involving 11 one hour sessions, following an initial telephone conversation. During this time I completed a number of graduate / internship job applications and was successful in being selected for four assessment centres, gaining 3 job offers, one of which I subsequently accepted. Frances completely transformed my CV, helping me understand my strengths, skills and achievements from my work experience and degree. Frances’ interview coaching was also integral to my success at assessment centres. She researched and tailored our interview sessions to the position and company and gave full feedback. Most importantly Frances gave me the confidence to believe that I had the skills required; hard work on my part was all that was needed.

I thoroughly enjoyed all my career sessions with Frances. She is incredibly positive, empathetic and professional, and ensured I got the most out of every session. Frances has given me invaluable advice that I will take with me in the long term. I would recommend her to anyone, and won’t hesitate to contact her if ever I need career advice in the future."

Helen, Marketing and Sales Graduate Trainee, Surrey

"I was at a crossroads in my career. I had a successful and enjoyable career though was also unfulfilled and yearned for more...But where does one start looking for a new career!? I hadn't a clue. That's when I decided I needed some outside perspective. Career counselling isn't about telling you what to do. It's about taking a journey through tools to help you find your path. It isn't always about instant miracles but about clues and patterns that emerge. Suddenly you have a focus, a possible career you may never have thought of that actually fits you as a person. It's not just about finding the right role you want to do but what area you want to contribute in. That's how it helped me. After working with Frances, I made the leap to a new industry but staying in the role I knew. 18 months later an opportunity came up to change roles entirely and two promotions later, I have found the sector and job that I am successful and fulfilled in that I also enjoy."

Charity Professional

"I had been running my own business from home for 15 years enabling me to be totally flexible around my children and family. With the 2 of them about to go off to university and having just reached a milestone birthday I felt the time was right to re-evaluate my career goals and decide where the next 15 years would take me. Frances' approach was hugely beneficial, she has tools and techniques which enabled me to home in on my strengths, interests and priorities and to take the next step with confidence, she listens rather than instructs but also challenged some of my ingrained ideas about what I should or shouldn't be doing. I would definitely recommend Frances, she has a very professional approach but is also very approachable and a great listener."

Anne, Business Owner, Surrey

"I contacted Frances as I had decided that I wanted to retrain and progress in my career, and needed guidance to help focus my thoughts and map out a career path. I had already made a big career change from events to education at the age of 31, and now 35 and a new mother, I wanted to refocus further – making sure I was doing this in the most effective way possible.

Frances was clear and concise from the offset: from our initial email correspondence and telephone consultation, to the bespoke career-planning package she then sent me – it was clear that she had listened carefully to what I wanted from coaching, and reflected this back to me to help me crystallize my ideas.

Frances is obviously passionate about what she does, and has very effective tools, methods and systems in place to help you understand and get to where you want to go. As well as having a lovely and warm nature, she has a very good attention to detail, works quickly but methodically, and has obviously built up a good bank of resources from which she can support her clients.

Frances has made me feel confident in the path we have mapped out – she fully understood my goals, and helped me to totally transform my CV! I cannot recommend Frances highly enough."

Teresa, London

"I had decided to set up my own business to work around family commitments. I was nervous and not sure where to start in the process. I met with Frances who made me feel this really was the right decision for me to make and that I could do this. She gave me invaluable advice on where to start and what processes I would need to think about to prepare me for the launch of my business. We talked through my plans and where I could go from here. I am now feeling confident, excited and more prepared about what is ahead."

Phoebe, Woking

"Wanting to move to a new industry and being dyslexic, I knew I needed help with my CV. But I soon learned it wasn't just about ensuring there wasn't a spelling mistake but about how to sell yourself. Frances' skill at taking your job facts and turning them into your best assets was invaluable."

PR Executive

"Following the birth of my first child and a career break of two years my outlook on work had changed. Still ambitious and determined not to waste the 15 years experience I had, I needed find a new direction that allowed me to stay in the profession I love and also spend precious time with my son. With Frances' help and guidance she has given me the confidence to believe in my skills and myself. The time spent with Frances allowed me to focus on what's important to me and how to make my new life work balance become a reality. She is extremely professional, empathetic and brings out the best in her Clients."

Sarah Pearson, Freelance Marketing Specialist

"Frances worked with a wide range of clients going through career transition and was excellent in facilitating their progress. She is always professional, highly committed and sets high standards. Her own wide ranging professional experience adds to the depth of her knowledge and understanding of clients' experience."

Katharine Edwards, Manager, BBC CareerLink

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